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Gabriele Mierzwa - Gelber Mond

Buy Gabriele Mierzwa - Gelber Mond? Bid from 125!
Buy Gabriele Mierzwa - Gelber Mond? Bid from 125!
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  • Gabriele Mierzwa (1958)
TypePrints (signed)
Period2000 to present
SupportHandmade Paper
Dimensions45 cm x 35 cm (h x b)
Frame88 cm x 60 cm (h x b)
SignedHand signed
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Gabriele Mierzwa was born in Schwientochlowitz, Upper Silesia, in 1958. She studied art in the studio of Professor Henryk Dziecol from 1971 until 1978. She was just fourteen years old when she won the Golden Medal J. Nehru by UNICEF in an art contest in India. From 1973 until 1979 she studied at the Kattowitz Art School and received a PhD in art. Since 1985 she has been living and working as an independent artist in the Black Forest in Germany. Typical of Gabriele Mierzwa's works is the sensitive portrayal of dynamic, intimate figures. These sensual moments are powerfully expressed through a sense of spontaneity balanced with tremendous washes of color. Mierzwa’s main intention is to arrange harmony and beauty. At the center of her artworks is the nude – natural and graceful. The observer is impressed at first glance by her figurative drawing followed by the tender color-fogs and dynamic lines that form the background of her works. On further observation, the concrete forms dissolve and lose their contours. Only transparently arranged color fields are visible. The observer's fantasy can freely develop within clouds of color and form. Mierzwa strives to create new perceptions through her artwork by assembling fragments of memory and has developed into a wellknown artist among the international art scene. She has exhibited in Hamburg, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Offenburg, Lahr, Wuppertal, Schwetzingen, Bingen, Stuttgart, Köln, Germanisches National Museum Nürnberg, Olten, Basel, Zürich, London, Tokyo, Miami, Los Angeles and New York.

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Gabriele Mierzwa (1958)

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