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Piet van Leeuwen - ''Recycling'' , 1983/84 (Groot formaat)

Buy Piet van Leeuwen - ''Recycling'' , 1983/84 (Groot formaat)? Bid from 35!
Buy Piet van Leeuwen - ''Recycling'' , 1983/84 (Groot formaat)? Bid from 35!Buy Piet van Leeuwen - ''Recycling'' , 1983/84 (Groot formaat)? Bid from 35!Buy Piet van Leeuwen - ''Recycling'' , 1983/84 (Groot formaat)? Bid from 35!Buy Piet van Leeuwen - ''Recycling'' , 1983/84 (Groot formaat)? Bid from 35!Buy Piet van Leeuwen - ''Recycling'' , 1983/84 (Groot formaat)? Bid from 35!Buy Piet van Leeuwen - ''Recycling'' , 1983/84 (Groot formaat)? Bid from 35!
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  • Piet van Leeuwen (1942)
FramedNot framed
Dimensions92 cm x 136 cm (h x b)
SignedHand signed
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  • Piet van Leeuwen (September 20, 1942) is a Dutch photographer, who is also active as a sculptor, gallery owner, art collector, curator, and author. He is known as a culinary photographer, still life, fashion photography, and autonomous photography." (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Piet van Leeuwen has been a photographer for thirty years who, driven by a desire to experiment and an inquiring mind, makes innovative and original contributions to Dutch photography. Although he regularly moves at the interface of photography, he remains faithful to his medium. His side activities as a consultant, teacher, gallery owner, collector, guest curator and author also take place within the domain of photography.'' ..............''Piet van Leeuwen is constantly the history of photography, including all the different applications of the photographic process. During his researches, he came across the historical figure Giovanni Battista della Porta, a Neapolitan who, in the mid-sixteenth century, demonstrated the principle of the camera obscura, the precursor of the photo camera, for the education and entertainment of members of a secret he had set up himself. society. According to tradition, he invited the select few people to attend a spectacle, in which he even involved elephants. In a 'dark room' the public could see the outdoor spectacle that Della Porta had directed. The scenes were 'projected' via a lens mounted in the wall onto a conical mirror situated against the rear wall, so that the inversion of the image created by the lens was undone. Living images were 'projected' and, moreover, insight was gained into the underlying physical principle. Van Leeuwen felt a great kinship with this exceptional artist. Van Leeuwen dedicated a series of works to Della Porta in 1986.” (Source: Depth of field/Scherpte Depth Leiden University)
  • From the series: ''Message to Giambattista della Porta'' Naples, 1984 (Commission province NH/Frans Halsmuseum)
  • Signed and dated by hand on the included ''back cover'' of an earlier frame.
  • Photo in good condition.
  • Large format print.
  • H x W: 94 x 139 cm.

Photo is in good condition.

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Piet van Leeuwen (1942)

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