Simon Theewis - Verschijnkerken met Verdwijnvelden 1981 - 294B - Sold

Buy Simon Theewis - Verschijnkerken met Verdwijnvelden 1981 - 294B? Bid from 1!
Buy Simon Theewis - Verschijnkerken met Verdwijnvelden 1981 - 294B? Bid from 1!
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  • Simon Theewis (1950)
Dimensions38 cm x 48 cm (h x b)
Frame43 cm x 53 cm (h x b)
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Simon Theewis (1950) set his first footsteps in the art world as a visual artist, graphic work, drawing and painting, but gradually took up photography. The transience is palpable in the still lifes. Theewis searches for poetic images. Scenes are constructed, in which chance plays a major role. Withered leaves, faded flowers and a dead insect, sometimes lost between layers of glass. In a play of form, structure and color an image can sometimes become almost abstract.
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Simon Theewis (1950)

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