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Auction Estimates

Auction appraisals

Do you want to sell a work of art but do not know how much it is worth? Or do you own a special painting or collection from an inheritance or estate? What is a realistic opening bid to maximise your chances of a successful auction? With that question, you can contact our specialised Auctioneers for a no-obligation art appraisal. This page tells you how you can have your painting, sculpture, silkscreen print or other art or design object valued free of charge and without obligation.

What objects can Kunstveiling value?

Our Auctioneers' expertise lies in classical, modern and contemporary art and design. Would you like to have your modern painting valued? Or would you like a valuation of a bronze sculpture? Let us know via the steps below! You cannot request a valuation from us for antiques, ethnographics and aziatics.

Note: Would you like to have a (corporate) collection or more than 10 works of art appraised? If so, please contact us first to discuss the possibilities. Are you interested in having your collection auctioned through the Auctioneer? Please see the page 'Dispersing your collection'.

In 3 steps an online art appraisal through your personal account

Please note: An account is required to submit an appraisal request and place items in the online auction. Here you can easily create an account.

• Step 1 - Take clear and sharp pictures of your item

In order to make a good estimate of the work, we would like to receive from you sharp and clear photographs of the entire item (front), signature, edition number if applicable, and in the case of an appraisal of paintings, a photograph of the back as well. Please also photograph any marks, provenance labels or other details.

• Step 2 - Note information about the item

We would like to receive as much information as possible about your painting, such as dimensions, technique and support. You will be asked about this in the valuation form. For example, is it an oil painting on panel or on canvas? We would also like to receive additional information about the provenance of the painting and other documentation, such as proof of purchase or previous appraisals. The more information, the better the Auctioneers can work with your request for the valuation of your painting.

• Step 3 - Submit your appraisal request

You can easily submit your appraisal request through the online appraisal form. Your requests can be found in "My Kunstveiling" Once your appraisal request has been processed by the auctioneers, you will be notified.

You can start your appraisal request here

How is the value of my artwork determined?

An object can have different types of values. For example, an insurance value, new value, emotional value or auction value. When appraising your art, our Auctioneers focus exclusively on the object's auction value. That is, a real value that you can expect as proceeds if you were to put the object up for auction. The auctioneers base their estimate on (recent) auction proceeds of comparable works of art, but also take into account the specific characteristics of your object, such as size, condition and provenance.

Having your art valued is free and without obligation

There is no charge for appraisals of individual works of art. You can therefore submit a valuation request free of charge and without obligation. We assume that you intend to offer the valued objects for auction via Kunstveiling. We do not appraise works of art, collections or estates for insurance purposes, or otherwise.

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