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Dispersing your Collection

Having your art auctioned by Kunstveiling?

  • For private individuals, companies and bigger collectors
  • Auction estimates and consignment
  • Public or private
  • A professional and reliable partner

Dispersal through our Veilingmeester accounts

Since the dispersal of artworks and collections requires a considerable amount of time and energy, Kunstveiling offers a dispersal service by way of our partner Business Art Service (in Utrecht). In this process they fully relieve the consignor of the organization and care of dispersing his collection. As a result the consignor has a minimum of trouble and the works get a proper new destination.

At Kunstveiling, over 3,000 works by recognized artists and designers are successfully being sold in auction every month. Our auction results are on average higher than in the traditional auction world. With over 50,000 visitors on our online auction platform every week, Kunstveiling is able to offer a large number of works to these art enthusiasts.

The service includes

  • Transport by a specialized courier
  • (Preliminary) auction estimates and price agreements
  • Anonymity for the consignor
  • Taking pictures and publishing the auctions
  • Exposure via our social media channels and e-mail campaigns
  • Handling questions from bidders and interested parties
  • Logistical and financial arrangements

Private auctions

Kunstveiling also offers the possibility of organizing private staff auctions for invited guests only and with a personalized look and feel to it.

Are you interested in our dispersal service, private auctions or do you have any further questions? Please contact Business Art Service, also for free quotations and advice.

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