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Information for buyers

Are you unable to pick up your purchase yourself, or is an item too large to transport yourself, for example? Then use a specialized courier.

We recommend the following couriers, but of course you can always use your own courier.

Important: Always contact the seller first about your purchase and the transport possibilities. Also ask if the seller can provide (light) packaging such as a layer of bubble wrap. Only then can you make a good choice for a suitable courier service.


Swift is Your Courier for art

Swift MEGA Logistics is a courier service with a nationwide network in the Netherlands and Belgium, specializing in the transportation of fragile goods. Swift provides transportation services for artworks at fixed, low rates in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Request your price immediately!

Having Your Items Picked Up and Delivered the Easy Way!

Easy2send is a courier service with an internationally covering network, specializing in the transportation of Art and Antiques. With Easy2send, it's also possible to have your items professionally packaged for transportation. Sometimes, this is a requirement from sellers, but it's especially crucial for international shipping. Additionally, you have the option to insure valuable items during transportation.

Request your price immediately!

Information for sellers

You indicate whether an item can be picked up by a courier when placing an item. You agree on a pickup time with the courier service in question, who will contact you about this. We recommend using Swift MEGA Logistics or Easy2send, but this is not mandatory.

Own courier

The above mentioned parties are experienced and we as Kunstveiling know them as careful and reliable. Of course it is also possible to use your own/other courier. Using a courier is always the responsibility of the buyer.

Please note: large transport services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, are not specialized in art transport and often require extensive packaging.

Important: Purchases through the Veilingmeester
If you purchase something from Kunstveiling through the Veilingmeester or VeilingmeesterCollecties account, if you use your own courier always schedule an appointment just like when you come to pick it up yourself. We will then make sure your purchase is ready when your courier comes by. With the above couriers (Swift and Easy2send) an appointment is not necessary since they inform us.

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