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Auction Tips

These auction tips will help you increase your chances of success as a seller!

  • A realistic starting bid
  • A complete and accurate description
  • Striking pictures
  • Social media

Tip 1: set a realistic starting bid

A realistic starting bid is around 20% of the original gallery price. Check earlier auction results at Kunstveiling for the same artist to have a proper idea of the possible auction results.

If you are hesitating or if you cannot find any previous auction results for this artist, you will find more information here on how to request an auction estimate for an individual work.

Extra tip: You may not expect it, but an auction with a starting bid at € 10 can be very successful. It is simply attractive for bidders to participate in ATP auctions (à tout prix). Please note, however, that all bids are binding and that you are obliged to sell the work for the winning bid. Even if this bid disappoints you.

Tip 2: provide a complete and accurate auction description

Potential buyers would like to be able to properly inform themselves about the item you are offering. Therefore, please include as many characteristics as possible and provide particular details about the work, the artist and/or the provenance. You can for example mention which movement the artist belongs to, where and when the work was exhibited or how it came into your possession. Please make sure that the information you provide is correct.

Please note: Please make sure to mention any possible damage. By describing damages, you prevent the buyer from discovering them upon reception of the item; which is in the best interest of both you and the buyer.

Tip 3: add striking pictures

Present your item as attractively as possible by paying attention to taking high quality photos.

  • Take pictures in daylight, as that is how the details come out best: a regular lamp will give you dull colours and unwanted shadows.
  • Use a good quality digital camera: older smartphones do not always allow you to take photos that are sharp enough, especially when taking a close-up.
  • Make sure your camera is level on a steady surface: it would be best to use a tripod, but a stack of books works too.
  • Take several photos: one photo of the item in its entirety, one or several detailed photos, a photo of the signature, and, if the painting is framed, a photo of the back.
  • Do not use any filters or other editing.
  • Make sure to photograph objects, such as a sculpture, vase or piece of furniture, from all sides.
  • Use a neutral background, such as a blank wall or stretched canvas.
  • Take pictures of any damage to avoid unpleasant surprises for the buyer. You will also avoid the risk of the sale being cancelled due to an incorrect auction description (see also our Terms of Guarantee).
  • And finally: pick your best photo as the cover picture of the auction.

Tip 4: share your auction on social media

Get the word out about your auction by sharing it on social media. You can use the buttons on the auction page for this purpose. For example, post the best picture of your item on Instagram to attract potential buyers.

Our auctioneers wish you the best of luck with your auction!

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