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DAC7 Reporting Obligation

DAC7 is an EU tax legislation that requires online platforms to report information about the sales and income of members to local tax authorities. Kunstveiling.nl BV is legally obligated to collect and report information about transactions and sellers if you fall within the specified criteria. If applicable, you must provide your tax information and complete your personal details by filling out the comprehensive registration form.

This new legislation came into effect on January 1, 2023, and reporting must be done every calendar year. The first report must be submitted by January 31, 2024 (for the calendar year 2023).

When should I fill out the DAC7 registration form?

You are required to fill out the DAC7 registration form if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • You have made 30 or more successful sales within the calendar year, OR;
  • You have sold items for more than €2000 in the calendar year.

You are required to fill out the extensive DAC7 registration form once you meet any of these conditions. This is a one-time requirement. You will receive a notification upon login and an email informing you. Until the form is completed, you cannot continue to use the Kunstveiling or Artpeers platforms.

Do I need to pay taxes on my income now?

No, unless. Whether your income is taxable is something Kunstveiling.nl BV cannot determine as it depends on your personal situation.

However: The key consideration is whether you have purchased items with the intention of making a profit. In that case, you must declare this profit (note: profit, not revenue). If you are selling online art that has been in your possession for a long time or is part of your personal collection, you will likely receive less money for it than you paid. In this case, you are not making a profit, and you do not need to report it to the Tax Authorities. If the goal is indeed to generate extra income through Kunstveiling and you invest in it, different rules apply. You are then an online trader.

Here is a good article that explains this: Your out-of-hand hobby and the tax authorities - Financial Focus (abnamro.nl)

Entrepreneur or not?

It is also considered whether you are an entrepreneur or not. If you sell items from your own collection or because you no longer appreciate a piece of art that has been on the attic for a while, you are naturally not seen as an entrepreneur. This is more likely considered a 'hobby' than doing business. If you are really aiming for profit, there is a chance you will be seen as an entrepreneur. You can check this on the website of the Tax Authorities. It is possible that, according to the Tax Authorities, you are not an entrepreneur, but you still have to pay income tax or VAT for the online activities you do.

What information do I need to provide?

Ensure that your information is correct because the completed DAC7 registration form will be sent to your local tax authority. Keep in mind that your data may also be used to pre-fill your tax return. You may need to validate your information by providing additional documents (such as an ID or proof of address). We will contact you if additional documents are required.

As a standard seller, you must provide:

Standard Seller Information:

Full name Your complete name, including first names, as it appears on your ID card or passport.
Date of birth DD/MM/YYYY
Residence/address Where you live or are registered.
Bank details Your IBAN or similar (BBAN).
Account holder's name If different from the name provided.
Tax Identification Number (TIN) and country of issue (e.g., BSN number in the Netherlands)

Reporting to the Tax Authorities:

Total income on Kunstveiling per year Your total income from sales on Kunstveiling.
Number of completed sales per year How many sales you have completed.

Check your revenue in My Kunstveiling. Here you can see all your sales and income per month displayed in numbers and total revenue. Kunstveiling does not share data about your sales when they are below the reporting threshold.

What if I don't fill out the DAC7 registration form?

If it is necessary for you to fill out the additional DAC7 registration form, we will send you multiple reminders. If you do not fill out the registration form after our reminders or if you do not provide your information correctly, we will unfortunately have to deny you access to Kunstveiling.

Good to know

  • All data required from you is processed strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • DAC7 is a reporting obligation for all online platforms and an EU directive.
  • Kunstveiling.nl BV must provide the data to the Dutch tax authorities. Data from foreign sellers will be shared with the local tax authority in the seller's country of origin, if within the EU.
  • DAC7 does not change your obligation to pay taxes on your income. Private sellers only need to declare their profit if there has actually been a purchase with the intention of making a profit.