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Valuation days

Our next valuation day will take place on Saterday September 17 between 11:00 and 16:00.

Do you own a work of art of special piece of jewelry and have you always wanted to know how much it is worth? Are you considering selling a painting, silkscreen or sculpture, but you have no idea of a realistic starting bid? Our specialized auctioneers are happy to advise you!

On Saterday September 17 2022 we will organize a valuation day in cooperation with Museum JAN in Amstelveen (Dorpsstraat 50). You are most welcome to have your art objects or jewelry appraised by our team of auctioneers. You are also welcome to visit the museum and the current exhibitons.

Do you prefer to have an online valuation? On this page you can read more information about submitting an online valuation request.

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