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Buy Peter Klashorst - Zeefdruk, titel. "Cow Green ".? Bid from 40!
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Buy Peter Klashorst - Zeefdruk, titel. "Cow Green ".? Bid from 40!
Buy Peter Klashorst - Zeefdruk, titel. "Cow Green ".? Bid from 40!Buy Peter Klashorst - Zeefdruk, titel. "Cow Green ".? Bid from 40!Buy Peter Klashorst - Zeefdruk, titel. "Cow Green ".? Bid from 40!Buy Peter Klashorst - Zeefdruk, titel. "Cow Green ".? Bid from 40!
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  • Description
  • Peter Klashorst (1957)
Type of artworkPrints (signed)
FramedNot framed
Dimensions76 x 56 cm (h x w)
SignedHand signed
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This screen print was screen printed by Klashorst himself, which is quite unique! A real piece of craftsmanship. The dimensions per copy are 56 x 76 cm. The edition of the Cow Green is a maximum of 30 copies, edition may differ from the photos. Naturally hand signed by the master himself.
Visual artist Peter Klashorst, born on February 11, 1957 in Santpoort, quickly achieved fame after graduating from the Amsterdam Rietveld Academy in 1981. During this period Klashorst not only focused on his painting skills; he celebrates his artistic talents in his punk band Soviet Sex, his own pirate TV station Bizar TV and his disco Bizar discotheque. Peter Klashorst started his career in the period of neo-expressionism in the Netherlands, the "new savages". In the mid-eighties, Klashorst's powerful expressive style froze, his canvases became more abstract, the colors disappeared and he joined the "neo geo" movement with his geometric work. In 1987 he discussed the crisis of modernism in Tenerife with his colleagues Rob Scholte and Jiri Dokoupil: What can you still paint as a painter now that everything has already been painted? Klashorst and Dokoupil argued that painting had to be reinvented and started by painting reality, just as painters did before modernism. Thus the group After Nature was born, which revived genres such as nude, landscape and still life. As co-initiator of the artist collective After Nature, Klashorst gave a new impetus to Dutch art history. The After Nature group (1987-1995), which, in addition to founder Klashorst, also includes the artists Jurriaan van Hall, Gijs and Aad Donker, Ernst Voss and Bart Domburg, opposes the prevailing abstract expressionism and made a splash in the eighties and nineties with a innovative figurative painting style and turned away from the "is man" in art. Their relationship to subjects and to the audience was very direct and averse to pretensions. Their joint performances on the street, in nature and during art events were well-known and infamous. That "snobbery" and "idealism" were also counted among those to be demolished, became clear when Klashorst subsequently emerged as a portrait painter of "tout Amsterdam" and his participation in various TV programs: De Sprekende Ezel, Ikon and Painting in acrylic with Peter Klashorst, Teleac/NOT. Peter Klashorst (1957) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1981. The 1980s are a period in which a new movement emerges in Europe, that of the "wild Painting" artists. Klashorst's painting style is immediately welcomed by this movement. After a number of exuberant and energetic years, Klashorst's powerful expressive style froze. His canvases become abstract and cold and the colors disappear. Klashorst's work seems icy and indifferent.
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