Herman Bogman (jr.) - Aquarel, Schelpen - Ingelijst - Sold

Buy Herman Bogman (jr.) - Aquarel, Schelpen - Ingelijst? Bid from 200!
Buy Herman Bogman (jr.) - Aquarel, Schelpen - Ingelijst? Bid from 200!Buy Herman Bogman (jr.) - Aquarel, Schelpen - Ingelijst? Bid from 200!Buy Herman Bogman (jr.) - Aquarel, Schelpen - Ingelijst? Bid from 200!Buy Herman Bogman (jr.) - Aquarel, Schelpen - Ingelijst? Bid from 200!
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  • Herman Bogman (jr.) (1890-1975)
TypeDrawing / Aquarelle
Period1945 to 1999
Dimensions48 cm x 76 cm (h x b)
Frame64 cm x 91.5 cm (h x b)
SignedHand signed
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A particularly beautiful watercolor by the famous Hague watercolourist Herman Bogman. The work comes from the collection of the Municipality of The Hague.

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The work is slightly yellowed and the paper is slightly bulging. The frame is basically in good condition, but the paint on the frame is peeling off a bit.

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Herman Bogman (jr.) (1890-1975)

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