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Buy Paul Nieuwendijk - Compositie Tafel? Bid from 1!
Buy Paul Nieuwendijk - Compositie Tafel? Bid from 1!Buy Paul Nieuwendijk - Compositie Tafel? Bid from 1!
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  • Paul Nieuwendijk (1942)
TypePrints (signed)
SubjectStill life
FramedNot framed
Dimensions49 cm x 34.5 cm (h x b)
SignedHand signed
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Etching is printed on thick etching paper brand "Fabriano". The image itself is 24x30 cm.
In the first years after the Rietveld Academy, Paul Nieuwendijk made a lot of graphics: woodcuts and etchings. A number of his works hung in the Singer Museum. This work was released in a limited edition, only 15. This is nr.3. So that is quite unique.
ConditionVery good

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Paul Nieuwendijk (1942)

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34.5 cm
49 cm
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