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Founded in 1920



Opbouw is an association for architects and visual artists. Some architects came from De Stijl group. Some members of the Opbouw were inspired by Russian communism, but not everyone agreed and some members thanked them. Architects within Opbouw advocated the New Building. This movement believed that construction should be organized as an industrial process, using rational methods and using industrial materials. Light structures with large windows over small window openings to get as much sunlight and fresh air in as possible. In addition to Opbouw, Amsterdam's De 8 was also inspired by this idea. Opbouw and De 8 started to work together more and more, which eventually led to a magazine called De 8' en Opbouw'.

Buy Wally Elenbaas - Mooie 1952 handgekleurde Litho "vrouwen" - zeer kleine oplage (18) - potloodges.? Bid from 60!
Wally Elenbaas (1912-2008) Dutch Beautiful 1952 hand-colored Litho "women" - very small edition (18) - pencil
Technique Lithograph
Dimensions 60 x 40 cm (h x w)
Signed Hand signed
Support Handmade Paper
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1 bid
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Buy Dick Elffers - lot van vier werken? Bid from 65!
Dick Elffers (1910-1990) Dutch lot of four works
Technique Drypoint
Dimensions 53 x 78 cm (h x w)
Signed Hand signed
Support Paper
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Buy Dick Elffers - Acryl op papier? Bid from 75!
Dick Elffers (1910-1990) Dutch Acrylic on paper
Technique Acrylic
Dimensions 61 x 86 cm (h x w)
Support Paper
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Buy Wally Elenbaas - Onbekend? Bid from 50!
Wally Elenbaas (1912-2008) Dutch Unknown
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 6 cm (h x w x d)
Signed Marked/Brand sticker
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