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Unique works of art

Buy unique works of art

Would you like to buy unique art, for yourself or as a gift? Then look no further! At Kunstveiling you will find a large selection of unique art objects in the most diverse themes, techniques and styles. See for example the auction offer of modern paintings. Bidding on works of art in the auction is reliable, easy and accessible. All auctions take place exclusively online, so that you can view the entire range of unique artworks from home. Below you can read how you can obtain the perfect unique artwork at Kunstveiling!

A unique work of art on the wall

What is more fun than unique art on the wall? Not a thirteen-in-a-dozen poster from the furniture shop, but a handmade work of art of which only one copy exists! A unique eye-catcher on the wall that you will not find anywhere else, for example an abstract painting or a classic drawing. With the wide and varied range of unique art and unique paintings at Kunstveiling there is a suitable work of art for every interior - whether sleek and modern or opulent and classic. For buying unique art you are at the right address at Kunstveiling. Have you had enough of a work of art and are you ready for something new? Then you can easily sell the work again via your personal Kunstveiling account! You can read more about selling your art on the page Selling Art.

View the range of unique art at Kunstveiling

The range of unique art and unique paintings at Kunstveiling is always very varied. See for example the categories Modern Art, Classical Art or CoBrA art. You can search the entire offer and be surprised by the quantity and versatility of all the unique works of art on offer, or you can use the handy filters to adjust the offer to your own preferences. This way, you will only see unique works of art that fall within your budget or taste!

Unique paintings for sale

For an original painted work of art to enrich your interior, look no further! On Kunstveiling are continuously offered beautiful unique paintings. No mass-produced artworks, but unique paintings made by recognised artists, originating for example from private art collectors, companies or art rental centres. Are you, for example, looking for a unique painting that fits exactly above your sofa? Then you can use the filters to select that you only want to see paintings in the results within the minimum and/or maximum height and width specified by you.

Buy unique art from recognised artists

Through Kunstveiling you buy only unique art such as unique paintings by recognized artists or designers. In this way we guarantee the quality of the offer and you will soon have a high-quality work of art on your wall, made by a professional and recognised artist, whether it is an eighteenth-century unique painting or a contemporary sculpture. Are you specifically looking for unique art by a particular artist? For example by Christo, Andy Warhol, Karel Appel or Panamarenko? Then enter the name of this artist in the search bar at the top of every page or select the artist in the overview of artists with active offers. Is the artist not listed? Or is there no unique work of art that meets your wishes? Mark the artist as favourite and receive an automatic update by e-mail when new works by this artist are added to the auction.

How do I bid on a work of art?

To be able to bid on unique artworks in the online auction, you only need an account at Kunstveiling. You can easily create an account here. At all unique artworks offered in the auction you will see details of the artwork, an opening bid and an expiration date. Until this time you can make a bid at least the height of the opening bid. If you are too late and the item has not sold, you can make a one-off bid in the aftersale. You can read more about bidding in the aftersale in the auction rules. Buying unique art via Kunstveiling is accessible, fun and accessible to everyone so take a look at the offer and bid!

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