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Valuation of your painting

Valuation of a painting

Are you curious about the value of the painting you own and would you like to have your painting valued? Do you consider selling the painting, but you have no idea how much you should think of? Then contact us for a free, no-obligation valuation of your painting. Our auctioneers will be happy to help you with a realistic estimate of the value. Below you can read more about the valuation of your paintings.

Online appraisal of your painting

You can submit an online request for the appraisal of your painting according to the steps below. We will process your request as soon as possible. Within two weeks you will receive a message from us. No rights can be derived from a price indication and we do not issue a valuation report.

Kunstveiling appraises paintings, sculptures, design, graphics and other art objects, both modern and classic. However, you cannot request an appraisal from us for antiques, old engravings, ethnographics and aziatica.

Would you rather visit us on location for a painting appraisal? If so, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Online valuation of your painting, how does it work?

Please note: To submit an appraisal request, you must be a member of Kunstveiling. Becoming a member is free and is necessary to offer artworks through the online auction.

Step 1: Take sharp and clear photos of your painting
Make sure you have clear and sharp photos of your painting to ensure the best possible appraisal of your painting. We would like to receive photos of both the front and the back of the painting, as well as a photo of the signature. The signature can usually be found at the bottom right or left of the image. Does the reverse side have stickers, labels or other relevant information? If so, we would like to receive a detail photo of that too. You can easily add the photos in the valuation form.

Step 2 : Collect information about the painting
We would like to receive as much information as possible about your painting, such as its dimensions, technique and medium. You will be asked for this in the valuation form. For instance, is it an oil painting on panel or on canvas? We would also like to receive additional information about the provenance of the painting and other documentation, such as a proof of purchase or previous valuations. The more information we have, the better the auctioneers can work with your request to value your painting.

Step 3: Go to the form and submit the request
Your appraisal request can be found in "My Kunstveiling". As soon as your appraisal request has been processed by the auctioneer, you will be notified.

You can start your appraisal request here

Please note: You cannot request an appraisal for antiques, old prints, ethnographics and aziatics from us. Would you rather visit us on location for a painting valuation? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Why have your painting valued?

Selling a work of art at auction first of all requires a realistic opening bid. But what is a realistic opening or starting bid? To make a realistic estimation of the auction value of your painting, our auctioneers look at (recent) sales of comparable paintings at auctions. We also look at the specific characteristics of the painting, such as the maker, the format, condition and origin. Do not hesitate to request a free, no-obligation online valuation of your painting, and increase the chance of a successful sale!

Please note: for valuations of more than ten paintings or other art objects, we ask you to contact us first to discuss the possibilities.

Are you interested in our deaccession service, where we take care of the sale of your art completely? For more information, please visit the deaccessioning service page.

Get a free, no-obligation valuation of your painting

There are no costs involved in the online valuation of your painting by our specialised auctioneers. So a valuation of your painting is always free and without obligation. We assume that you do have the intention to offer the painting for auction on Kunstveiling. We do not carry out valuations for the purpose of insurance. We are happy to value your painting, whether it is a classic oil painting on panel or a modern abstract composition on canvas!

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