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Hollandse Hoogte

Founded in 1985


Dutch Height

Hollandse Hoogte is a photo agency that was founded in Amsterdam, but is now located in The Hague. Hollandse Hoogte is the Dutch representative of the Magnum photo agency. Hollandse Hoogte has a diverse and extensive range of disciplines, from news photography to fashion reports.

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Gerard Wessel - Herman BroodArt Books

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TechniqueSoft cover
Dimensions32.5 cm x 24.0 cm (h x b)
Buy Gerard Wessel - Lot van vier foto's? Bid from 120!
Gerard Wessel - Lot van vier foto'sPhotography

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Period1945 to 1999
Dimensions30 cm x 21 cm (h x b)
SignedUnsigned/Print signed
FramedNot framed
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