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Buy Jörg Remé - Litho, zonder titel.? Bid from 35!
Buy Jörg Remé - Litho, zonder titel.? Bid from 35!Buy Jörg Remé - Litho, zonder titel.? Bid from 35!Buy Jörg Remé - Litho, zonder titel.? Bid from 35!Buy Jörg Remé - Litho, zonder titel.? Bid from 35!Buy Jörg Remé - Litho, zonder titel.? Bid from 35!Buy Jörg Remé - Litho, zonder titel.? Bid from 35!
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  • Jörg Remé (1941)
TypePrints (signed)
SupportHandmade Paper
FramedNot framed
Dimensions60 cm x 50 cm (h x b)
SignedHand signed
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Lithograph by Jorg Reme, signed, numbered and dated in pencil.

Jörg Reme (Danzig, 1941)
As a young artist, Remé focused on a total renewal of pictorial expression, but without cutting off the sources of inspiration of the avant-garde and of the great masters of the past. In 1968, he experiences the 'big bang' of his artistic consciousness, when he triggers the creation of his unique 'art figure'. In doing so, he breaks through the traditional laws of anatomy and naturalistic imitation, and links the formal language of the entire history of art with that of other cultures. The free morphology of his 'art figures', which had developed between 1968 and 1975, led Remé into a period of intensive experimentation. He confronted his 'art figures' with the plastic spaces of the great currents of modern art - from the 'metaphysics' and futurists to the cubists, the neo-expressionists, the 'Neue Wilde' and the post-modernists. In addition, he also succeeded in applying his formal language to exotic environments and themes, thereby building a bridge to the visual language of non-Western cultures, in particular those of India and South America. He thus broadened the perspective of his ambition as a painter. Remé explores a unique and immediately recognizable world of imagination, opening up unprecedented possibilities for contemporary painting. In his work he creates emotional relationships between his 'art figures' and the animated spaces they populate; in these spaces a synthesis of landscape and architectural motifs has been achieved. In doing so, he realizes a new and original vision of the inexhaustible eloquence of the pictorial tradition, and allows the great cultures of the past and at the same time the achievements of modern art to resonate in his work. The completely individual pictorial world, which Remé has created in his very varied oeuvre within the great story of painting, embraces both tradition and innovation. He combines a rare mastery of the craft with the most daring experiments. In his recent work he penetrates the mystery of art and the artistic experience. In his canvases he evokes sublime figures and forms, such as they can present themselves to us in blissful or bewildering moments. Remé's work opens a convincing new chapter of this century's painting. Works in public collections Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam Municipal Museum, Amsterdam Municipal Museum, Arnhem Museum of Modern Art, Strasbourg Kunsthallen, Nuremberg Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, Venlo City Gallery, Heerlen Museum Würth, Künzelsau

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Jörg Remé (1941)

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