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Max Papart (1911-1994)

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Max Papart, French (1911 - 1994 )Max PapartMax Papart, PAINTER AND MASTER PRINTMAKERMax Papart's paintings and graphics are suffused with sunny humor and thebright colors of the French Riviera where he was born.Working in the cubist style, he depicted circus scenes, flirting couples,soaring birds and similar cheerful subjects with flat, overlapping planesof contrasting colors and textures.Max Papart is considered a master printmaker. He was born in Marseille,France and later moved to Paris where he learned the techniques of classicengraving. In 1960, he added to the classic processes the technique ofetching with carborundum invented by his friend Henri Goetz. In followingyears Papart taught printmaking at the University of Paris VIII-Vincennes.He continued making his own plates and supervising the hand printing ofhis prints until he died in 1995. One of the most intriguing intellectualconcepts which Papart achieves is a "window" through which the viewersenses the past or future, or even another time or place. It has been saidthe Papart does not "paint," he "composes." His compositions come togetherin a symphony of line, shape and color. Papart always believed that eachpainting has its own meaning and needed no interpretation from him. Hispaintings, in his own words, "force the viewer to think, and it is for theviewer to respond to the art based on his own personal experiences."EXHIBITIONS AND MUSEUMS(PARTIAL LIST)Victoria and Albert Museum, LondonNational Gallery, LondonMusee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de ParisMusee Cantini, MarseillesFondation Maeght, St. Paul de VenceIsrael Museum, JerusalemIndianapolis Museum of ArtNew Orleans Museum of ArtHigh Museum, AtlantaBibliotheque Nationale de l'Arsenal, ParisSalle de l'Aubette de la ville de StrasbourgFt. Lauderdale Museum of ArtJacksonville Art MuseumPhoenix Art Museum, PhoenixSyracuse UniversityU.C.L.A.Yale UniversityMuseum of New Mexico, Santa Fe

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2 aangeboden items van deze kunstenaar

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Max Papart - Carborundum Ets - handgesigneerd - oplage 15 kopen? Bied vanaf 280!

Max Papart - Carborundum Ets - handgesigneerd - oplage 15

Grafiek na 1900

Geplaatst doorkunstlinda

Eindtijd11-07-2021 om 20:07

Periode1945 t/m 1999
Afmetingen66 cm x 51 cm (h x b)
DragerJapans Papier
IngelijstNiet Ingelijst
Max Papart - Farblithografie auf Bütten, handsigniert, Auflage 40, bez. mit H.C. kopen? Bied vanaf 190!

Max Papart - Farblithografie auf Bütten, handsigniert, Auflage 40, bez. mit H.C.

Grafiek na 1900

Geplaatst doorpitpet

Eindtijd20-07-2021 om 21:04


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